Divorce Lawyers For Gwinnett County

At the Lowendick Law Office, our lawyers have the experience to handle both contested and uncontested divorces. We have a reputation not only for being fair and reasonable, but for insisting that the people we serve get what is fair and reasonable.

The Art Of Divorce Negotiation

The level of conflict in a divorce can vary dramatically. Are you and your spouse at odds over nearly every single issue? That is a clear sign of a contested divorce. Perhaps though, your case looks more like an uncontested divorce, with only a few issues being debated.

We have the wisdom to know when divorce negotiation is appropriate and how to effectively conduct it. In fact, we have successfully conducted many settlement workouts in our law office, even prior to divorce mediation. Not only does this save time, but it saves the expense of the mediator and the ongoing case. A prompt resolution also significantly reduces your stress. Our conference rooms are comfortable and conducive to reaching agreements that are meaningful to those we represent.

If we believe this strategy will work in your divorce case, we will recommend it. However, we have the experience to take things to the next level when necessary.

Trial Attorneys Handling Divorce Cases

Taking divorce cases to trial is nothing new to us. We are just as comfortable arguing in front of a judge and jury as we are negotiating in our conference rooms. If your spouse is unwilling to agree on an outcome that makes sense to you, we will go to trial to passionately pursue results that are fair, reasonable and in your best interest.

Divorce And All Related Matters

We handle all types of divorce cases, including military divorce and division of military pensions and benefits. We address:

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