1. "Mr. Lowendick's history of winning cases is impeccable. My case was won because of his years of experience, knowledge and his resolve to fight for what was right and not back down. Thank you, Mr. Lowendick".

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Lawrenceville Lawyer – Lowendick Law Office

At the Lowendick Law Office in Lawrenceville, we care and we mean it. When you come to us with a legal matter, we understand that it is serious. It is serious to us too. We believe that actions speak louder than words, and you will see from the work we put into your case and the personal attention we provide that we have a sincere desire to get the outcome you need.

Our attorneys bring decades of experience to:

No matter how challenging your case may seem, you can rest assured that we can help.

Personal Attention From An Experienced Lawyer

Success in any legal matter requires clear and precise communication between lawyer and client. What happens when a client tells the story to a secretary, who then relays that information to a paralegal, who eventually passes it on to the lawyer? Details are lost. Details are added. Interpretations are made. The story that finally gets to the lawyer may barely resemble what the client initially said. If a lawyer does not have the right story, how can that lawyer hope to create the right strategy?

When you choose our law firm, you will get personal attention from an experienced lawyer who you will be in direct contact with. You do not have to work through other parties. Not only does this allow us to avoid miscommunication and ensure the creation of a strategy designed to meet your needs, but it also adds a level of efficiency. You will see that efficiency reflected in your bill, as well as in the length of time it ultimately takes to resolve your case.

Free Consultation With A Gwinnett County Lawyer

Call us at 770-338-8300 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation with one of our Lawrenceville lawyers.

H. Durance Lowendick

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Problems We Solve: Our office handles Family Law matters – divorce, alimony, property division, child custody and support; workers compensation and injury cases, including medical malpractice; and the defense of DUI and criminal charges.

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