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Alimony, also sometimes referred to as spousal support or spousal maintenance, is a common feature of divorces. At the Lowendick Law Office, our lawyers have the experience to carefully calculate alimony payments when appropriate.

While alimony is only available during a divorce, there is a similar option for separated couples. Separate maintenance essentially serves the same purpose of alimony and child support.

There Are No Alimony Guidelines

Unlike child support, when it comes to alimony there are no tables or guidelines to use as a starting point. However, we understand the factors that need to be taken into consideration to determine if there is going to be alimony and how much that alimony should be.

Alimony is designed to help level the playing field, giving both spouses the opportunity to move into their new lives on equal footing. Situations in which, for example, one spouse stayed home to raise the children while the other got an education and a career, often require alimony to balance things out. It allows the spouse with the lower earning potential to return to school, if necessary, and gain the skills necessary to enter the workforce.

Behavior Plays A Role

The underlying issues that led to the divorce, if they involved inappropriate behavior on behalf of one of the spouses, may play a role in determining whether alimony will be available. A spouse who would otherwise receive alimony may not be able to if he or she committed adultery or engaged in similar behavior. We take great care to understand all of the issues at play to ensure that alimony is calculated fairly, if at all.

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