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At Lowendick Law Office, we are experienced in being able to help our clients with paternity matters. Due to how emotionally raging these cases can be, we take special care to work closely with our Johns Creek clients and to help them through this time with both a guiding hand and a delicate touch. 

During our 37 years experience we have served the Johns Creek area, Lowendick Law Office has made its name through integrity. Whatever happens in your paternity case, we will honestly brief you on your rights and the best options for you in Johns Creek. 

Paternity cases can happen to any family. Many paternity law firms - even those in the Johns Creek area - have too narrow of a focus to their practice. As a result, they do not have the paternity case background for family units which may not fit into a standard mold, but at times, are in need of help. Lowendick Law Office has its arms open to all families involved in paternity disputes, we believe everyone is entitled to certain inalienable rights. 

When you first choose Lowendick Law Office in Johns Creek as your legal counsel we take the time to get to know you as a person. After 37 years of experience handling paternity cases, we know that an integral part in the process is knowing what the client wants. Our paternity attorneys know how to handle the special issues with family law matters. Give us a call at (770) 338-8300 today.

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