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It is a mistake to think that determining child support is a simple matter of entering incomes into a formula. The experienced lawyers at the Lowendick Law Office know that there is often much more that goes into accurately calculating child support numbers. If you want to make certain that the money set aside for raising your child is fair, we can help.

Deviations From The Child Support Guidelines

While it is true that there is a table that outlines how child support is to be calculated based on the incomes of the parents, that table only applies in the most straightforward cases. The law allows for deviations from the formula in many situations. For example, if the custodial parent lives far from the noncustodial parent, the noncustodial parent’s travel expenses may need to be considered when calculating child support payments. This is not accounted for in the guidelines, so deviation is necessary. This is one of many examples.

Deviations are not just intended to reduce child support payments. They can impact each parent. There are situations in which a deviation could lead to the noncustodial parent making higher payments. The key is that our attorneys are well-versed in possible deviations, meaning that we will not overlook any opportunities to ensure the accuracy of payments.

Our attorneys assist with child support matters in the context of divorce, as well as in paternity actions. We also provide guidance regarding separate maintenance, which serves the purpose of both child support and alimony in the event of a separation.

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