Family Law Attorney Alpharetta GA

For almost all family law cases in the Alpharetta area, it is better to come to an amicable settlement than to fight through litigation. Lowendick Law Office is trained to find a beneficial settlement agreement for our clients and use litigation selectively in order to pursue settlement goals. Our attorneys have also used alternative dispute resolution over the firm's 37 years of practice. 

No matter how challenging it may seem to go up against an opposing lawyer in Alpharetta to get a proper settlement for your family law case, Lowendick Law Office is up for the challenge. We have seen and heard horror stories of individuals throughout Alpharetta who have had terrible cases due to their lawyers either being unnerved or put off by some condition they did not expect. 

When you need to trust a lawyer in Alpharetta with your family law case, make sure you are putting your trust in a firm that will have your best interests in mind. At Lowendick Law Office, we have 37 years of experience where we have worked closely with clients in an effort to both help them and also grow as a legal firm. 

Over our 37 years in practice we've seen a variety of family law issues that our clients have had to deal with, and all with their own unique circumstances. If you are looking for a family law lawyer to help you, we can make the process easier on you., we're more than happy to help protect your rights in that process. Call us at (770) 338-8300 to get started today.

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