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In all child custody cases, the goal is to do what is in the best interest of the child. But what truly is in the best interest of your child? At the Lowendick Law Office, we will work with you to answer that question. Then we will present the answer to the court using a legal strategy developed with the support of our experience in these cases.

What Issues Need To Be Considered?

Our lawyers know that one of the first things that needs to be considered is whether there is any question of the fitness of one or both of the parents. Does the other parent have any history of alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health issues or anything else that could potentially jeopardize the health or well-being of the child? Does the possibility exist that the other parent will make allegations regarding your fitness as a parent?

Variations Of Child Custody Arrangements

You may have heard terms like physical custody, legal custody, joint custody and sole custody. You may have heard about parenting time, parenting schedules and more. The bottom line is this: a plan needs to be created that, barring any unusual circumstances, allows both parents to play a role in raising the child. What will your role be? We will take great care to learn about your relationship with your child and preserve it.

Our attorneys assist with child custody and visitation matters in the context of divorce, as well as in paternity actions.

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