Workers’ Compensation Lawyers In Lawrenceville

When it comes to workers’ compensation cases, we know our opponents. The Lowendick Law Office is led by attorney H. Durance Lowendick, who previously represented insurance companies defending against workers’ compensation claims. Now he leads our team in standing up for the rights of injured workers, bringing with him knowledge of how our opponents think, their tendencies and their tactics. That knowledge can benefit you.

Our Goal: To Get You The Money You Are Entitled To

In workers’ compensation claims, insurance companies are looking for certain details when they evaluate cases. Our founding attorney’s experience means we know exactly what they are looking for. When we present a claim to them, back and forth is minimized. The claim will have all of the details, presenting a compelling reason for the insurance company to provide all the money we are asking for. If for some reason the insurance company has
denied workers’ compensation, we will push back.

Comprehensive Representation In Work Accident Cases

When you come to us, your first question might be “How do I get medical treatment?” That is an important question. We will answer it quickly to ensure you get the care you need. We will also educate you about types of workers’ compensation benefits, including those available to workers who have suffered permanent disabilities.

In some cases, a work injury victim may be entitled to more than workers’ compensation. Our experience means we know exactly what opportunities are available to maximize compensation. In some cases, a personal injury claim may be filed in addition to the workers’ compensation claim. This is common in construction accident cases and other cases in which the accident may have been caused by a third party other than the employer.

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