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The legal professionals of Lowendick Law Office work hard fighting for the rights of people in the Suwanee community and bringing you justice. We have 37 years of experience in workers compensation cases. Rest assured that you will be in good hands with us. We build a strong case aimed at bringing every important detail of your workers compensation to light and achieving the most realistic results possible. 

The legal professionals of Lowendick Law Office feel confident that we can achieve proper compensation for our handled workers compensation cases in the Suwanee area. In regards to time and money, you'll need a firm to devote the maximum resources possible to your workers compensation case.

When you are going through the legal process of an official workers compensation claim, you are going to need knowledgeable help that you can trust. At Lowendick Law Office, we make it our goal to provide such help for clients in the Suwanee area. We have 37 years of experience taking on the local insurance companies, so we are well prepared to handle your case.

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workers compensation matters can be detrimental to your future. Do not go through the Suwanee area courts without our team’s 37 years of practice by your side.

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