Paternity Lawyer Gwinett County GA

Whether dealing with marriages, civil unions or any other family issues in Gwinett County, Lowendick Law Office can help guide you through the process. Lowendick Law Office is highly qualified regarding the legalities of your unique paternity circumstances.

No matter how difficult your paternity case may seem to be, and how emotionally charged it could be, we know what it will take for you to have a successful outcome. Over the course of 37 years here at Lowendick Law Office we have helped countless clients throughout Gwinett County get to a successful outcome in their case. 

Lowendick Law Office is skilled at analyzing how some elements affect the paternity proceedings. Lowendick Law Office has built our practice to a large extent through carefully listening and care for our clients. It is our job to understand the paternity process and translate what you express as a client into actionable legal goals. We go the extra mile as your paternity representation to see your goals manifest into existence within the Gwinett County area.

Those things which matter most to you matter to us as well, which is why we have become the most trusted name for paternity cases in the Gwinett County area. Because timing matters in paternity disputes, we always urge anyone in the Gwinett County area thinking about taking action to first take advantage of an initial consultation in order to learn more about your options. The sooner Lowendick Law Office steps in to represent your interests, the more options you will have at your disposal, and the greater chance of success in your paternity case.

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