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Our experienced paternity law firm will listen carefully to your situation and concerns, and using this intimate knowledge we will craft the best possible case for your needs. Clients in the Atlanta area know to trust our firm because of the attention to detail we pour into each case. Lowendick Law Office has 37 years working with our clients in these family law cases,and we will guide you compassionately and professionally through family mediation or negotiations.

Are you looking for a paternity lawyer to work with in Atlanta? Give our firm a call today at (770) 338-8300. Here at Lowendick Law Office, we will be able to help you no matter what unique aspects your paternity case has. 

At Lowendick Law Office, we are experienced in being able to help our clients with paternity matters. Due to how emotionally raging these cases can be, we take special care to work closely with our Atlanta clients and to help them through this time with both a guiding hand and a delicate touch. 

At Lowendick Law Office, we understand that you naturally have lots of anxiety about your paternity case. After 37 years in the business, we know the value of responding to phone calls expediently and have the means to always return our Atlanta area client's calls in a couple of days. Our paternity attorneys are always looking for a reasonable settlement that protects the client's rights while disposing the matter quickly.

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