Child Custody And Child Support Enforcement In Georgia

What happens when a divorce decree is issued and the other party fails to do as required? What happens when you are not given access to your child? What happens when child support or alimony payments are not made, or when assets are not turned over in accordance with property division arrangements? What happens if you are accused of any of these things? At the Lowendick Law Office, our lawyers are well-versed in addressing issues like these.

Contempt Actions

The divorce decree and other arrangements are court orders. When court orders are not followed, the person violating them can be held in contempt of court. We will bring an action for contempt. Often, simply threatening or bringing the action may be enough to drive the other party to follow the orders. However, if he or she fails to do so, a contempt action could ultimately lead to serious repercussions, including incarceration in certain situations.

Other Enforcement Options

An income deduction order is one example of other enforcement options available. This is a means of having child support payments deducted directly from the payer’s paycheck and sent to the payee. Our attorneys will carefully review your case to determine the fastest and most effective option to pursue to enforce whatever it is that the other party has violated.

Has A Contempt Action Been Filed Against You?

If you have been accused of not paying child support or not adhering to child custody arrangements, you need to protect yourself. Perhaps there was an illness, job loss or a legitimate reason for the alleged violation. We can defend you against the serious consequences of being found in contempt.

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